Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jared Leeds' Untitled Bus Project (2017)

M Doucette Production will produce Jared Leed's Untitled Bus Project. 

The short will follow the unlikely interaction between two strangers on a bus. Executive producer Matthew Eriksen is excited to hit the ground running with Jared Leed's as the director and Anthony Jarvis as Director of Photography. Other credits include Josephine Cooper and Jason Hunter as the two leads. Boston stylist Jen Dunlea will oversee the art department and Michele Doucette as consulting producer and casting director.

Logline: Two strangers find a quiet connection on a city bus.

The film, currently in pre-production, will shoot in Boston, MA this December and is slated for release in 2017.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Good Housekeeping with Meghan Markle

M Doucette Production was hired to produce an 8–page celebrity fashion and travel feature for Good Housekeeping's August 2016 issue.

The magazine wanted to showcase all that Boston had to offer, and it was essential to find a producer that was not only familiar with the city, but could tap into the very pulse of what makes it so fashion-friendly. When GH's photo editor, Devon Baverman, approached MDP about producing their photoshoot, Michele and Matthew jumped at the opportunity.

We took Meghan Markle (she plays paralegal Rachel Zane on Suits) on a fabulous adventure through Boston's cobblestoned streets, a seaside sailboat and one of the city's newest rooftop hangouts. We had 6 locations, 8 outfits, and one day to make it all happen. Challenge accepted!


We started our day in Boston's Innovation District at the Envoy Hotel, a luxurious urban getaway with chic furnishings, concrete flooring and golden pillars.

One of the most impressive parts about working with photographer Bryan Derballa (save for his super down to earth, inspired personality) was his use of natural light—and the high ceiling, atrium-style lobby of the Envoy provided the right amount of sun for our first shot of the day.

Most would shy away from driving a 36-foot motor home, two production vans and a town car down the narrow (and bustling) streets of the historic North End. But for MDP, it's all in day's work.

When it comes to Boston's Little Italy, one must take a trip to Monica's Mercato. This local hotspot added the ideal backdrop to our picnic-inspired scene. Shout out to owner and friend, Frankie Mendoza for his unmatched hospitality.

After our tech scout and reviewing Bryan's test images, we realized we needed something warm and textural to achieve an authentic on-the-go street shot. We needed a location change-up...and fast.

We're on a boat! A big thanks to our friends at Classic Harbor Line for helping us set sail for a successful shot.

Lydia Sellers ensured Meghan maintained her easy breezy look throughout the entire photoshoot—whether on land or sea.

Table for one? We scouted Coppersmith because it's a unique dining venue in South Boston. Set within an industrial warehouse, this restaurant boasts timber beams, repurposed table tops and sunny skylights.

Not to mention their DIY Bloody Mary bar! Who doesn't love a midday cocktail? 

Meghan does ;)

Coppersmith's rooftop patio, with beautifully exposed brick and boardwalk planks, nicely contrasted Meghan's sweater-shorts combo.

Meghan looked simply stunning in these matching separates, paired perfectly with purple-pink flowers and our romantically lit background.

After a quick wardrobe change, Meghan and our crew whisked their way to sweeping panoramic waterfront views of the Envoy's Lookout Bar.

The crew takes a peek at the monitor before making a final call...

That's a wrap! And what a way to finish. We couldn't be happier with the final images and are so proud of all the hard work everyone put forth to make this photoshoot a huge success. Be sure to pick up your own copy of Good Housekeeping :)


Photographer: Bryan Derballa
1st Assist: Jon Brown
2nd Assist: Anthony Tulliani
Digital Tech: Buck Squib
Videographer: Paul Lewis Anderson
Producers: Matthew Eriksen + Michele Doucette
Production Assists: Corey Davis + Dan Orlow
Hair/Makeup: Lydia Sellers (Exclusive Artists Management)
Seamstress: Karon Yee

Fashion Director: Kristen Saladino
Asst. Fashion Editor: Samantha Roman
Design Director: Melissa Geurts
Entertainment Director: Cortney Pellettieri
Photo Editor: Devon Baverman

Special thanks to the Envoy Hotel, Monica's Mercato, Classic Harbor Line and Coppersmith

Monday, February 15, 2016

Boston Medical Center – "Make Yourself Primary"

M Doucette Production was hired by photographer Jared Leeds (Gren Group) to produce Boston Medical Center's latest print and digital campaign with ad agency, Small Army.

Boston photo producers Michele Doucette and Matthew Eriksen were in charge of casting a diverse group of models across multiple ethnicities and age groups. MDP also scouted a variety of locations, sourced the hair/makeup artist Hilary Warner and prop wardrobe stylist Jen Dunlea—not to mention coordinated the travel during a snowstorm weather advisory!

Playing Basketball in the Gym

Mother's Morning Routine

From the Kitchen to the Classroom

Family Fun at the Museum

Spotted on the streets! You can now see the finished ads on MBTA buses, subways, Boston billboards, magazines and more.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Cambridge BioMarketing with Photographer Heather McGrath

M Doucette Production was hired by full-service advertising agency Cambridge BioMarketing to produce their 'green-screen' photoshoot for Horizon Pharmaceuticals print campaign raising awareness for Urea Cycle Disorders (UDC). The concept was to shoot four models walking a tightrope up in the sky…easy enough, right? Boston photo producer Michele Doucette pulled the job together with precision—from finding the perfect photographer and studio location, to casting models, sourcing hair/makeup and wardrobe stylists as well as coordinating post-production retouching. Take a look behind the scenes to see how we pulled it all together.

During the casting, each model was asked to use their imagination and walk across a ‘tightrope’. Some pictured molten lava beneath their feet, others a vast canyon. What would you picture to get into character?

Michele saw over 150 models to fill just 4 slots. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it ;)

Our crew showed up bright and early, to prep the set, test lighting and organize (a lot of) wardrobe!

And with a little help of photo magic (digital compositing), we were able to drop our models high in the sky. Hey John, don’t look down!

Photographer: Heather McGrath
1st Assist: Jeff Stiles
2nd Assist: Robyn Maguire
Digital Tech: Jason Zucco
Wardrobe Stylist: Rina Patsiokostas
Hair/Makeup: Kathleen Schiffmann (Anchor Artists)
Art Director: Lauren Hillyard
Talent: Erik and Chrystian (Model Club), Cambria (Cameo), John (NEMG)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Airbnb's Night at Fenway Park

M Doucette Production was hired by Airbnb to coordinate an on-location photoshoot at Fenway Park to promote their new 'Night At' contest series. Boston photo producer Michele Doucette was tasked with casting the lead talent, coordinating local production support and sourcing the prop/wardrobe stylist.

Behind the Scenes of our Fenway Park Photo Shoot!

Model Club's Andrew Pires with Wally the Green Monster

Model Club's Andrew Pires got the chance of a lifetime to tour Fenway with the one and only Wally the Green Monster!

M Doucette Production Crew on the field at Fenway Park

Wally pokes his head out of the Fenway Scoreboard

Wally the Green Monster keeps score!

Behind closed doors at Fenway Park

That's right, our crew got the all-star treatment! From behind the scoreboard to the suiting up in locker room, we sure ran the bases with over 19 shots to cover in one day.

M Doucette Production's photo crew sets up the next shot!

Photo Producer Matthew Eriksen takes notes on set!

Photo producer Matthew Eriksen takes some notes during our tech scout in the Red Sox dugout!

Model Andrew Pires warms up for his grand slam!

And our stylist Julie Paquette was a grand slam when it came to propping the dugout to achieve a realistic, game-day feel!

Wally and Michele Doucette pose for a photo at Fenway!

MDP's executive producer Michele Doucette poses for a selfie with the one and only Wally!

Andrew Pires and Wally play catch on the field at Fenway!

Boston Interior Designers Kristen Dibella and Suzan Kelley

Airbnb Night at Fenway Room Photo

Interior designers Kristen Dibella and Suzan Kelley brilliantly captured the essence of the 103-year-old park with a nod to the historical nature of Boston itself. "Everything was reclaimed wood, black and white photographs and Red Sox history," said DiBella. "It just felt like it was natural to Boston. That was our inspiration for this space."

On-location photoshoot at Fenway Park

Andrew Pires looks up at the scoreboard at Fenway!

That's a wrap! Thanks to the team at Bridgett Harris, Samantha Cooper, Carol Cho + Chris Lynch at Airbnb for hiring MDP to produce this unforgettable photoshoot...we had a ball!

Photographers: Floto + Warner
1st Assist: Dominic Neitz
2nd Assist: Jared Kuzia
Digital Tech: Jason Frank
Producer: Michele Doucette
Assistant Producer: Matthew Eriksen
Set Designers: Kristen Dibella + Suzan Kelley
Prop/Wardrobe Stylist: Julie Paquette